Current location: Vierkirchen

Hometown: Freising / Zolling

What is your first memory in nature? 

I have very nice memories of a kayak tour with my father. I must have been 10 or 11 years old. The tour led from the city of my birth, Münster, to the North Sea and lasted 2 weeks. We spent the night in tents or on farms that we passed.

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Why did you join Hanwag?     

After working in the film, photography and advertising industry for over 15 years, my family and I moved to the south of Germany, the birthplace of my wife. In that past 15 years I`ve worked and traveled to many places around the world and in every imaginable weather condition. Good equipment was always essential and Hanwag has always been a much-discussed brand name. That caught my attention. 

I was lucky. Two weeks after we moved, I saw a job offer from Hanwag. I applied, got the job. The best step I could take.

How long have you been with Hanwag?     

I have been working at Hanwag for 4 years now. 

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What is your favorite part of your job?          

As an art director, I have the chance to shape the appearance of such a well-known brand. Graphics, photography, film, animation and much more I have learned is retrieved. It's great fun and very satisfying for me.

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What is your favorite outdoor activity?         

There are quite a few. Surfing, cycling, skiing, hiking. But most of all I enjoy spending time with my family in the outdoors where we always discover new mini adventures for all of us. 

A challenge you are tackling or a skill you are improving.   

I encounter many small challenges in my everyday life. The advertising and media world is moving fast. Continuing education in my job and learning new programs and techniques is very important to me. But I see the greatest and most satisfying task in being a good dad for my boys. 

What makes you most proud of your job?  

First and foremost, I am proud of the brand Hanwag itself and to be part of it. The story behind, the demand for quality, perfection and sustainability. In order to do good advertising, I can refer to it at any time and I do not have to invent anything. It's all there!

Personally, I am proud to pass this message on with all the opportunities I have.

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